Helium and Hi-FloatHow to inflate latex balloons with Helium

Latex balloons filled with helium are a popular decoration for parties. Inflating balloons correctly is important to ensure they look great and float for the entire event. Here are a few tips for successfully inflating latex balloons with helium for your next party:

1. Choose the right type of balloon: Latex balloons are the best choice for helium inflation as they are lightweight and float easily. Most latex balloons intended for making table or floor standing arrangements are 11" or 12".

2. Use the right equipment: You will need a helium tank and a balloon inflator. You can rent or purchase these items from party supply stores or online. Make sure the tank is full and the inflator is in good working condition.

3. Fill the balloons to the right size: Balloons should be filled to their maximum size, but not over-inflated. Over-inflated balloons can pop easily, and under-inflated balloons will not float well. Fill each balloon to the recommended size, which is usually printed on the balloon or the inflator.

4. Fill the balloons carefully: Hold the neck of the balloon as you fill it with helium, making sure not to twist or knot the balloon. Do not release the balloon while it is being filled, as it may pop or fly away.

5. Secure the balloons: Once the balloons are filled, tie a knot in the neck and secure it with a piece of ribbon or string. Attach a weight to the bottom of each balloon to prevent them from floating away.

6. Store the balloons properly: Keep the balloons in a cool, dry place until ready to use. Do not store them near heat or direct sunlight, as this can cause the helium to escape and the balloons to deflate. An 11" latex balloon filled with helium will typically float for around 10 hours. Using smaller balloons or underinflating, means that your balloons wont float for as long.


Tip... If you need balloons to float for longer, you can pre-treat each balloon with Hi-Float. Treated balloons will float for several days.


Inflating latex balloons with helium can be a fun and easy task if you follow these tips. With the right equipment and a little bit of care, you can have a room filled with floating, cheerful balloons that will add a festive touch to your party.



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