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When you order your balloons from us, we try to keep the whole process as simple and as easy as possible!

During the checkout process, you will have the option to create your own user account. If you do, you'll be able to log in and see the progress/status of your order at any time.

Orders need to be paid for at the time of ordering, and this can be done using any debit or credit card. We use Worldpay to process all transactions which means that your details are always processed safely and securely. None of your card details are ever seen, stored or saved by us when you order on the website.

Any item or product that you can add to your basket, should be in stock. Stock levels change daily but once you have placed your order, the items are then picked and reserved just for you, even if we are not set to deliver your order for another 90 days! It's best to place your order asap so that we can set the necessary stock aside for you.

Once your payment has been authorised, you should receive an automated email from us confirming your order details. Sometimes, these emails can be delivered to your own junk/spam email folder which we have no control over. If you enter an incorrect email address during the checkout process (yes, it does happen very occasionally), you will not get confirmation of your order. This is why we always recommend creating a user account.

The day before you are expecting delivery, we will send email confirmation to you to let you know that we have shipped your order. (again, please check your junk/spam email folder). 

You will also receive a text message from DPD, where you will be able to see the progress of your delivery and make any changes if necessary. This is usually by text message if you have provided a valid mobile telephone number.

On delivery day you will receive notification from DPD giving you a one hour delivery window. This is usually by text message if you have provided a valid mobile telephone number. For some deliveries in Scotland, you may receive the notification from DPD later in the day, as deliveries can take place up until 9pm.

If you're not going to be in, or you need to make changes to your delivery, you can find all the options available to you here.

Before you buy.....your questions answered

Can I get balloons delivered to family or friends at a different address?

Yes of course. During checkout there is the option for you to add an alternative delivery address. We also advise that you let the recipient know that they should expect a delivery.

How do I choose when the balloon will be delivered?

During checkout, you can choose any available dates from the calendar. 

All orders are sent on an overnight service and dispatched the day before the date you select at checkout with the exception of Sunday/Monday deliveries which need to be dispatched on the Friday before. Although this service is extremely reliable, if it is crucial that you have your balloon for a particular day, we recommend choosing an earlier delivery date to allow for any unexpected delay in transit. This is particularly relevant during periods of extreme weather which may cause unavoidable delays in shipping. 

I need my order delivering before a set time, can I request this?

Once you have your notification and tracking information from DPD, you can usually choose to upgrade your delivery to a specified time slot. There is a small additional fee payable to DPD for any upgrade, and the option may not be available in all cases.

When ordering, how do I provide the words that I want to appear on a personalised balloon?

On the product listing page for every balloon that can be personalised with text, you can add your own message that will then appear on the finished balloon. It's important to remember that the balloons shown on our website are examples of what we have previously created. You will need to choose your own message in it's entirety, regardless of the image examples on our product listings. You can have any text or message that you like but it will only consist of the text that you submit on your order.

I want to place an order but for something that's not on the website, can you help? 

We only accept orders for products that are shown on the website. All available dates for delivery are shown during checkout.

I can't get delivery on my preferred date, what can I do?

The dates we have available for delivery are displayed during checkout. Some delivery methods may not be available for your preferred date, so please choose a different delivery method if this is the case. Ordering early secures your order, and delivery date.

How will you deliver my balloon order?

All orders are sent on an overnight service. Tracking information will be available via DPD once your order has been sent. If you have ordered more than one balloon, your order will likely be sent in more than one box.

How long will my balloons last?

Balloon float time can vary greatly so it's unrealistic to give any kind of guarantee as to how long they will last. However we do everything we can to ensure that your balloons last as long as possible. The ambient temperature and humidity can affect how long a balloon will float for. In general, you can expect all our helium filled balloons to last for at least a week (foils, and latex). Some of our balloons, such as our personalised bubble balloons and deco bubbles, will float for much longer than this. 

What length of ribbon do the balloons have?

We create most balloons with ribbon lengths that will allow you to place your balloons on a table. Some of our larger arrangements and big number balloons have longer ribbons but this will be stated in the listing. All our bubble balloons/balloon in a box, have ribbon lengths of approx 30 - 36 inches.

Is there a gift card or gift tag that comes with my balloon order?

We don't supply a gift card or gift tag but we do have the option for you to write your own message to the recipient, letting them know who has sent them the balloon. With most of our product listings you can write the message in the "optional gift message" section on the product page. This will be printed on to the delivery note and included within the balloon box.

Is the price I paid displayed on the paperwork within the box?

No. We only include a delivery note and care instructions with any order. No prices are shown on this paperwork. 

I don't need the balloon anymore and need to cancel my order, can I do this?

Orders may be cancelled, however we are unable to offer a refund on either personalised or perishable products. Please see our terms and conditions for details.

Can't I just collect balloons from your shop?

Sorry, but we no longer offer a collection service.

I need balloons today. Can you help?

We're sorry but we don't offer a "same day" service.


After sales.....your questions answered

I need to change something on my order. Can I do this?

Before placing your order, it's really important that you check the details carefully as we can't always make changes to an order once it's been placed, especially if it's due for dispatch within the next 3 days. (This is because some parts of your order will have already been prepared). If it's not due for dispatch within the next 3 days, please send us a request by email and we'll do our best to help.

I haven't received any confirmation email since placing my order, why is this?

Every order will be responded to with a confirmation email. If you have not received this within a few minutes of placing an order, then it may be because you entered an invalid or incorrect email address. If you feel this may be the case, please let us know using the contact form on our website, and we'll be happy to amend your details. Before contacting us, please check your own junk/spam email folder for any reply which may have found it's way there.

There will be nobody available to accept delivery. What can I do?

Your order will be delivered by DPD and you should receive a tracking number from them, which will allow you to make some amendments to your planned delivery. In some cases you can notify DPD to leave your order in a safe place, or with a neighbour. Alternatively you may be able to change the delivery date. 

I have specified an incorrect delivery address. Can it be changed?

If your order has already been dispatched but not yet delivered, there may be time for you to change the delivery address with DPD. Use your tracking number provided to you by DPD to access their portal and make the necessary changes. Any change that you are able to make to the delivery address may affect the original delivery schedule.

My balloon order hasn't arrived, or I have missed my delivery, what happens now?

Over 99% of orders are delivered on time without any issue, however we don't live in a perfect world and there may be occasions when a delivery is delayed. If you are concerned about a delivery that you are expecting, or a delivery that you have missed, it's best that you contact DPD with your tracking number as we can't give updates while orders are still in transit. During periods of extreme weather, there may be occasions where DPD are unable to collect from us, or move your delivery through their system. We appreciate that this may be disappointing, however please be assured that we will do everything possible to dispatch your order on time, and deliver it at the earliest opportunity.

How do I track my delivery?

You can track your delivery a few hours after it has been collected from us. Orders are generally sent out the day before your requested delivery date. If you have provided a valid UK mobile number or email address, you will receive a tracking number from DPD which will allow you to see the progress of your delivery. Depending on when you check progress, you may have the option to request "leave in safe place", "deliver to alternative address" "upgrade delivery" or "change the delivery date".

What time will my order arrive, and can I choose a delivery time?

Your order will be scheduled as an "all day" slot.  Once you have been notified by DPD that your order has been collected from us you will be given a tracking number and access to the DPD portal. Here you may be able to upgrade your delivery and select a delivery before 10.30am or before 12pm (Mon-Sat). Please note that these options are dependant on delivery location and service status, and may not always be available to you. You should receive either a text or email notification confirming your 1 hour delivery slot once your order is out for delivery.

My order arrived later than I expected and I no longer have any need for the balloon. Can I get a refund?

In line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, we are unable to refund any personalised or perishable product (balloons), in the event that it arrives either later than expected, or you decide that you no longer require the product. 

I asked for Sunday delivery. Why has it been delivered on Saturday?

This can happen sometimes and it is something that we don't have any control over. DPD prefer to clear parcels from their system as quickly as possible even though we request Sunday delivery. If they attempt delivery Saturday and delivery can not be made, they will usually attempt redelivery on the Sunday.

My balloon has arrived popped, what happens now?

Our balloons are extremely durable and it's unlikely that you will receive a deflated balloon from us. However, if a balloon has been popped in transit, then we are here to help. It's important that you let us know about any damaged balloon as soon as your order is delivered. The best way to tell us that your balloon was damaged in transit is by using the dedicated contact information which you will find on the documentation in the box. We won't be able to help if there is any delay in reporting damage to us.

One of the smaller balloons included in my order appears smaller or deflated, why is this?

We ensure that every balloon is checked prior to dispatch, however it is possible that one of the smaller balloons used as part of your order has slowly deflated in transit. This is very unusual but can happen from time to time. The small balloons are made from natural latex rubber and it's impossible to identify beforehand, which balloon may be affected.  We are sure this will not affect your enjoyment of the balloon.

Why does the text on my balloon looks like it has lifted or wrinkled?

The text lettering on your personalised balloon has been vinyl cut and applied to your balloon immediately prior to dispatch. As the balloon will naturally change shape over time, then the lettering may appear a little wrinkled. It is perfectly normal for this to happen. If the balloon is exposed to a cold environment then this may also cause the lettering to appear wrinkled.

What makes the balloon float?

We fill the balloons with Helium. This gas is non flammable and non toxic (although we don't recommend inhaling it). Helium gas is less dense that the surrounding air and this is what causes the balloon to float.

How do I dispose of the balloon once I've finished with it?

Carefully cut the balloon open to release any remaining Helium. The balloon can be safely disposed of in the bin. The latex balloons we use in our products are 100% biodegradable. Please do not release balloons in to the environment.



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