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Wedding balloons are available in a choice of colours and designs. Choose our "design your own" option below and create your perfect balloon.

Personalised wedding balloons can add a fun and unique touch to a wedding celebration. Here are some of the benefits of using our helium filled bubble balloons at a wedding:

They are customisable: Our bubble balloons can be customised to match the theme and colour scheme of the wedding. This allows the couple to add a personal touch to their special day in a fun, decorative way, helping to make the day even more memorable for everyone involved.

They are eye-catching: Bubble balloons are larger and more durable than traditional latex balloons, and their unique shape and transparency make them eye-catching and memorable. Personalising the balloons with the couple's names or wedding date adds a special touch.

They are versatile: Our personalised wedding balloons can be used in a variety of ways at a wedding. They can be used as decorations, table centrepieces, or even as photo props.

They are long-lasting: Being made of a special material allows them to last much longer than traditional latex balloons. This means that the balloons can be set up in advance of the wedding and will still look great throughout the entire celebration.


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Personalised wedding balloon, congratulations

Personalised wedding balloon, congratulations balloon delivered

Design your own personalised Congrats balloon

Personalised balloon, any colours, any text

Personalised Congratulations balloon in lilac and silver

Personalised Congratulations, Well Done balloon in lilac and silver

Personalised wedding balloon, choose your colours

Personalised wedding balloon. Choose your colours.

Design your own Well Done, Congratulations balloon

Personalised custom balloon, any colours, any text

Personalised wedding balloon, any colour

Personalised wedding balloon. Any colour, multi options.

Personalised wedding balloon, congrats

Personalised wedding balloon. Design your own congratulations balloon

Personalised wedding balloon, design your own

Personalised wedding balloon. Design your own. Any colour, multi options.


Any colour balloons, any text personalisation. How it works...

You can order a balloon in any colour with any text. Simply choose any of our "design your own" options to create a balloon that's right for you. It doesn't matter which one you start with as your order will be customised using the options you select.

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